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Microphones 101 & Wireless Basics Seminar

  • Start Date

    15 Jan, 2019

  • End Date

    15 Jan, 2019

  • Speakers

    Dan Nagle & Andrew Wilder

  • Location

    Horizon Solutions

If you have anything to do with live sound then at some point you’ve plugged in a microphone and placed it in front of an instrument or handed it to a musician or presenter.

You’ve probably noticed that different mics have different characteristics.

They come in different shapes and sizes. Some are robust heavy-lifting tools and some are wonderfully crafted pieces of art.

Sometimes mics are referred to as sounding “bright” or “dark” or “smooth” but often it seems that that changes depending on how you’re using it.

What’s the deal with all these different mics?

Dan will talk about different types of mics, what makes them different and why you might use one mic over another for different applications.

And then Andrew will help us understand what features are important to have in a wireless mic system. We will also discuss some of the changes coming to the wireless spectrum in Canada. What’s happened in the past and what can you expect in the future for our wireless mics.

This seminar is for anyone looking to better understand microphones and wireless audio for live events.

Everyone is welcome!