Troubleshooting tips and tricks

  • Start Date

    19 Feb, 2019

  • End Date

    19 Feb, 2019

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    Horizon Solutions

There are few things more frustrating than having something weird going on in your system and you just can’t put your figure on why you’re having the problem.

Sometimes the issue is something really obvious and distruptive to everyone like the lights just will not turn on. Other times it’s that little buzz that no one else can hear but it’s driving you crazy.

Our next seminar is going to look at a list of common system issues that people experience and we are going to walk you through how we would recommend you troubleshoot the situation.

Our hope is to help you fix some glitches before they become big problems. And if things are really not good we want to give you the tools to be able to provide technicians with a list of what you have tried already so that when you call for help you already have an idea of whats goin on. This can save you money, embarrassment and time.